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Dry Ice Cleaning Solutions

Thank you for visiting Polar Clean, providing Dry Ice Blasting and other cleaning solutions for Industries and Manufacturers in Chicago, IL. We provide our customers with the best Co2 Blasting, HRSG Cleaning, Dry Ice Blasting, Equipment Cleaning, Dry Ice Cleaning, Masonry Cleaning, Heat Exchanger Cleaning, Sand Blasting Industrial Cleaning Service & Water Blasting. The evolution of the Industrial Cleaning Industry has made us the most trusted source for all industrial, manufacturers and warehouses needing superior cleaning services. Our proprietary cleaning methods are second to none, beating the competition throughout Cook County.

As the leader in Industrial Cleaning Services, Polar Clean brings a wealth of expertise, knowledge and most all experience. We're the leaders in our industry and train our employees to have the same knowledge to handle every job properly. Having detailed knowledge of Co2 Blasting, HRSG Cleaning, Dry Ice Blasting, Turbine Blasting, Equipment Cleaning,Facility Cleaning and Painting, Mill and Press Cleaning, Dry Ice Cleaning, Masonry Cleaning, Heat Exchanger Cleaning, Sand Blasting, Industrial Cleaning Services, Water Blasting and much more. Established in 2011, we've continued to serve the Chicago area over three decades with quality cleaning solutions.

Proven Track Record

When you're looking for a team of experts to supply your industrial, manufacturing plant or warehouse cleaning needs, you can count on Polar Clean! We have a proven track record which assures you (our customer) the job is done efficiently and effectively. Our customer service and ability to provide remarkable results at competitive rates has gained continued loyalty from our customers. Call us today at 888-596-7576 for a consultation. View our video to learn more about Polar Clean, your go-to Dry Ice Blasting Company for exceptional Industrial Cleaning Services.



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